Constant Creative Limited ™

Platforms for Growth.

Constant is a global branding agency and venture studio specialised in designing and growing early-stage consumer brands. We call that platforms for growth. 

Hong Kong / Copenhagen

Selected work



We built a cushion brand during COVID, and turned it into a successful homeware business that continues to grow in a post-pandemic world.

Brand Acceleration


Yóu Yóu

We introduced a completely new oil concept in a crowded market by positioning a heritage natural oil as a modern must have cooking ingredient brand for the west.

New venture design



We turned a material science company into an everyday consumer brand, and launched a household friendly product range during a global pandemic. 

Brand foundation



Veark brings a modern brand image and sustainable manufacturing to the stagnant market of cookware. We partner with Veark to build the brand from the bottom up, consulting on everything from the visual strategy to consumer acquisition models and brand partnerships.

New venture design



We helped to define a business, from product research, strategy and design through to creating a unique brand positioning and identity for a home textile company in a competitive market.

New venture design


Bird Meditation

Over the course of 12 months, we worked closely with the founders to define a brand and meditation experience that would feel relevant and as a natural part of people's lives.

New venture design


AVE Concepts

A natural part of many people’s lives, the industry for adult toys were still filled with taboos. Working closely with an ambitious client, we envisioned a completely new brand experience that would raise the bar for the entire industry.

New venture design



The only branding agency in Hong Kong that’s structured around skills required to launch and grow modern consumer brands. With an agile team and a large global network of collaborators, we offer a full service partnership that manages everything brand related within a business.


New Venture Development

We work with founders at the very early stage of ideas, or big corporations looking to launch new ventures and services. With an entrepreneurial team and agile work structure, we collaborate on all aspects of new start up opportunities, from investor strategy to product prototyping or design.


  • Market analysis & sizing

  • Ethnographic research

  • Trend reporting

  • Vision & Value proposition

  • Retail or digital strategy

  • Visual research and exploration

  • Product or service design

  • Investor strategy


Brand Design

We work with experienced founders or organisations who have a unique vision and capabilities to build business foundations, where we apply our design framework and global creative network to compliment their launch goals. Through visual language and messaging, we craft brands that intrigue and convert the target consumers.


  • Ethnographic & visual research

  • Brand strategy

  • Retail or digital strategy

  • Brand identity & messaging design

  • Digital experience design

  • Product or service design

  • Brand photography & film

  • Packaging production

  • Launch content strategy


Brand Sprint

We also work with founders who have already made a head start with launching a new venture. Whether it’s a minimal viable product for market testing or an operating brand that needs optimization, we take advantage of our fresh point of view as an outsider along with our experience to explore the next best move for the business. 


  • Market analysis

  • Brand identity & messaging audit

  • Art direction

  • Content strategy


Acceleration and Brand Management

We partner with founders who have a strong brand foundation and are ready to take the next steps to grow their ventures at speed. Working with the relevant performance marketing specialists, our acceleration framework is designed to scale businesses with new consumers without compromising in brand promises and positioning.



  • Brand communication strategy

  • Performance marketing framework

  • Ongoing art direction

  • Content production and execution

  • Brand collaborations

  • User generated content reproduction

  • Copywriting


Voices and insights from the Constant team, our clients and other thought leaders in their fields exploring themes in culture, consumer behaviour and societal impact on the future of brands.