Constant is a creative brand consultancy rooted in strategic thinking and planning. We help our clients navigate the ever-changing content landscape and create platforms and experiences that move brands forward.



We transform businesses and create new ones through a collaborative framework. We look at brands as business assets and fuel our clients with strategic and creative insight that allow them to take the right next step.

Defining the future of Chinese herbal medication with Eu Yan Sang.Read more


We design identities and platforms that give brands a recognisable presence in the market. With a design-neutral approach, we let the challenge and strategy define the aesthetics rather than forcing the latest trends into a project.

Designing a revolutionary experience in the intimate lifestyle category with Danish brand AVE.Read more


From concept to delivery we bring brands to life through branded campaigns, experiences and content. With the same creative team overseeing the full process, we ensure a quality output that lives up to the original idea. 

A continuous journey that helps Nikon Asia connect with photographers globally and deliver aspirational content.Read more

A new way to communicate success stories in space design with Steelcase. Read more

An independent creative agency in Hong Kong and Copenhagen. We build brands, products and campaigns rooted in user-centric design and storytelling.

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