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Setting the agenda.

We are committed to guide consumer brand owners towards profitability through positive and sustainable brand developments.

Future proof brands


Today’s brands have the power and ability to determine and influence our lives.

From our attitudes to our behaviour, brands can steer us and shape our communities and environment.

Modern consumers expect and seek out brands that have sustainability woven into the every fabric of their business. From sourcing and production, through to the brand values and how these are communicated.

In a world of conscious consumerism, we are increasingly aware of how every dollar spent is a ‘vote for the kind of world we want’.

It is because of this that brand building has to be thoroughly considered. As brand partners helping to build the next generation of consumer brands, it is our responsibility to help guide founders along the path of positive influence while ensuring that sustainability is an integrated part of business and brand operations.

But this is just the start. Our aim is to design brands that are not only sustainable in their practices but also successful businesses that can help us move towards a circular economy. Or even better, actually positively impact the planet.



Why implementing the right sustainability strategies now will help businesses thrive in the long term.



There was a time when businesses started losing out as they didn’t embrace and invest in e-commerce timely enough. Now we are in a similar transition but playing against a substantial climate emergency. Sustainability is no longer a topic of “whether” it should be included but rather “how” it can be enacted within a business. A brand without a sustainability agenda will be challenged in its survival, and therefore it needs to be ingrained into the essential core system of businesses in order to stay relevant and grow.



We are in an era of radical authenticity and transparency. If a business’ sustainability efforts are merely top-line messaging, it is risking a lack of public trust and likely en-route to being the next target for exposé or social media scrutiny – something that is getting increasingly hard to come back from with younger generations. Foundational values and conducts must be shifted into progressively doing more good for the planet and people.



Previously sustainability was mostly defined by the touchpoints visible by the customers, like materials used to create a product – recycled, organic or naturally harvested fibers. But the dial has shifted, and now the expectation seeps through to manufacturing as well. From predictive analytics, to testing 3D digital samples prior to production – the scope and scale for where sustainability can be improved is at every stage and of operations.



Sustainability is no longer good for people and planet alone, it’s also (very) good for business. Setting up a brand properly and considering sustainability throughout now pays off financially across all generations of consumers. What was once thought of as a younger generation trend, is now undeniably a desired attribute in new brands for all.

Companies with superficial green initiatives (left) will find it more challenging to keep up or transform as the business grows. Whereas brands with the right foundations and sustainability goals (right) will have the advantage to grow and scale for long term benefits.


Constant’s commitment to building a better future for our industry and planet.



Our core team is made up of 75% women, a true reflection of the consumers that engage with and buy consumer lifestyle brands the most. From homewares to wellness products, kitchen tools to personal care, they are the key decision makers most likely to try new brands, holding a strong influence over the economy. And as a diverse and international team, from New Zealand to Thailand, Japan to the UK we hold world views and local nuances to help build global brands that truly connect with audiences.



In 2023 we will move from a 4,000sq ft office to a more humble 1,500sq ft space, an intentional downsize to use a smaller space more efficiently and purposefully. A way for us to encourage sharp and intentional thinking and working, to reduce our footprint with energy consumption, and to be closer to the city and community. It is also a move reflective of our team and their wishes for a post-COVID workspace: to have a more flexible set up that allows and encourages off-site collaborative working in a way that won’t impact the dynamics or culture of the team in the office.



We pride ourselves on our integrity when it comes to who we work with – striving for collaborative partnerships with people and teams that are aligned with our goals. We avoid quick wins or shortcuts internally, often taking the more strategic route to truly use design to solve problems and make positive impact on people’s lives. Ultimately ensuring that the brands we build will stand the test of time.



Creative agencies and the design process can typically produce a lot of waste. Often there is a need to print out mock ups, and see a tangible bigger picture physically rather than through online tools and programmes. With each new project, we try to improve our method to minimise waste, constantly seeking and practicing on new tools. We are far from done, and have much to improve and learn. We are also acutely aware that it will be a never-ending process that evolves with changing times. Hence, we seek out progress over perfection, with realistic, incremental, and consistent changes.