Constant Creative Limited ™

10 years of positive brand growth.

Constant is a full service brand consultancy and venture studio specialised in the consumer lifestyle segment.

Hong Kong / Copenhagen


Brands have become the centre of our lives, and our wellbeing and lifestyles are heavily influenced by companies that we engage with everyday. 

The responsibility of brands is increasingly shifting from pure profit making to creating true value for people through better products, services and a healthy relationship with the environment. The ones that fail to do so will fail all together. 

That’s why we exist.

Founded in 2012, we have been working with companies to maximise value through creation of a better shared future. We are a team of entrepreneurs, analysts, strategists, writers and designers passionate about building the next wave of modern brands from Asia and beyond.

Our core teams in Hong Kong and Copenhagen are designed to bring in unique knowledge and experience to the brands we work with. We keep an open collaborative structure, but demand depth and reasoning in all our work.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our ability to merge design thinking with commercial acumen. But where we truly differentiate is in bringing people with ambition, opinion and drive under the same roof – under a shared vision – working 100% for our partner brands, not our own portfolio.



Senior people, not more people

We believe experience is important to make the right connections and follow intuition – in design and strategy. Therefore we prioritise senior people, rather than more people in everything we do.


Truly global thinkers

The idea of a global agency once meant local offices in many markets, but this didn’t result in integration and collaboration. We hire truly global thinkers from diverse cultures working together in our studios, and we partner with local experts when needed to gain deep insights.


In it together

We demand our teams to be deeply empathetic and knowledgeable of the businesses and ventures we work on. This requires us to ask a lot of questions and work collaboratively to achieve work that is anchored in the right business insights.


Entrepreneurial by design

There’s a difference between saying and doing. We’ve launched our own ventures in the market and worked with enough entrepreneurs to know what it takes to make something grow. Working with constant means working with teams that understand the reality, but keeps challenging it to make brands better.


Fast but thorough

We understand that today’s world moves fast, forcing us to respond within tight deadlines. But as believers of knowledge based design, we insist on knowing as much as we can about any subject to be able to deliver the right advice.


Thrive in change

Everytime we work on a brand, product or service, we ask ourselves: how has the world changed since the last time innovation in this field happened. Change happens all the time and with immense speed, but understanding the contextual parameters allows us to act not react.


A passion for brand building deeply rooted in culture and human needs defines the leadership team across disciplines. But equally important, a common understanding that building brands and a sustainable business go hand in hand.

Tim Ho

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Tim is co-founder of Constant and has been overseeing its creative output since 2012. Based in Hong Kong, his ambition is to raise the standard of work that is rooted in strategic intent and thorough business insight.

Jen Barry

General Manager

As general manager of the Hong Kong office, Jen oversees the entire business and all its unit. She's responsible of the team deliveries and client satisfaction as well as the overall development of the company.

Tem Hansen

Founder & Strategy Director

Tem is co-founder of Constant and leads brand and business strategy across the ventures portfolio. In Hong Kong for 6 years, he is now based in Copenhagen but travels frequently between the two regions.

Paul Lam

Managing Partner

Joining Constant as owning partner since 2017, Paul leads client growth and business development across all key accounts and ventures. Based in Hong Kong, he's actively following new lifestyle businesses with potential in the global market.

Production on-ground at the Northern tip of Denmark for client AVE.


We’re looking for ambitious and driven people who believe in the future potential of great brands.


Senior Brand Strategist

We are looking for a Senior Brand Strategist to work across our Clients in the consumer lifestyle sector. You will be responsible for helping to shape and drive business and brand strategy. From early venture brand positioning recommendations based on market research, trend research, and consumer insights to ongoing growth opportunities and optimisation for existing clients.


  • 4 years experience

  • Strategic thinker and creative problem solver

  • Ability to turn research into guiding insights


We were given nothing but a product and made it a global consumer brand. We helped the world’s largest office furniture maker develop their first Asia led collection. We made a 140 year old traditional brand relevant again. We relaunched a New York icon for the international market. We pioneered documentary style storytelling before it was a thing. We gave the world’s largest kitchenware manufacturer its own consumer brand.

And much more.