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We helped ifc mall to connect and engage their audiences with a relevant brand campaign reflective of modern times.

ifc mall has been central to Hong Kong in both its location and in the daily lives of people, but after a tumultuous period with the pandemic they were aware that they needed to reconnect in line with today’s consumer mindset. Perceptions of what brings joy shifted, and our goal was to find what these moments were and bring them to the forefront to help ifc mall reshape their overarching strategy of ‘life is beautiful’.

Rather than focusing on grandiose events or extravagant occasions, the campaign celebrates the simple yet meaningful moments that people encounter in their everyday lives. From savouring the first bite of a new dish just discovered, to finding a connection with someone who you thought was different from you, these in-between moments of joy are what truly define the ifc mall experience.

We worked with internationally renowned Danish photographer Nikolaj Møller who is known for his ability to to capture authenticity in the moment. The new campaign is a bold departure from ifc mall’s previous brand visuals, with a vibrant art direction that exudes warmth and authenticity, the campaign embraces a more human-centric approach to storytelling. From dynamic imagery to engaging narratives, every aspect is designed to resonate with audiences on a personal level, inviting them to connect with the brand in a deeper and more meaningful way.

The creative concept and direction also required an asset library of b-roll content and supporting imagery to build up a textural story. Broader narratives that convey the history and richness of the people of Hong Kong and those who go to ifc mall providing more relevance and emotional connection beyond the traditional key visual approach. This also made practical sense for the ifc team to have flexibility and a variety of assets to work with across various touch points, a requirement in today’s content driven world.



Campaign Strategy & Concept

3 weeks


Visual & Art Direction Development

2 weeks


Talent Casting

2 weeks


On Location Production

3 days


Post Production Editing and Colour Grading

4 weeks


Curation & Adaptations

6 weeks


The new art direction is a departure from the past, yet it stays true to the essence of the brand. It's all about evoking emotions and capturing the real moments of joy that people associate with ifc mall.

Tim Ho

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer


Nikolaj Møller


Marco Verna

Photography Colour Grade

Niels Buhl Hendriksen

Video Editor

Jonathan Lieb

Video Colour Grade

Kennki Lau

Hair Stylist

Onki Lau

Make Up Artist

Yim Jowie