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A business born out of the pandemic, we coordinated with the founders and team based in Melbourne, to help launch and grow an online, international homeware brand.

Everyday there are new disruptive startups that are increasingly following a similar formula of business model, look and feel, and tone of voice. Conscious that as the landscape gets busier it becomes more and more difficult to attract the attention and build brand love with the audience, we needed to relook at what the expectation is for a modern lifestyle brand.

After the likes of Casper, Brooklinen and Buffy paved the way for direct to consumer homeware brands, Hommey was about to enter the market. However, the brand had the difficult challenge of trying to create an engaging and globally relevant brand that would allow the venture to grow and enter new markets in the future, all the while not forgetting the constraints of running operations in lockdown during a pandemic.

We needed to work collaboratively online with their team in Australia, and utilise our European network in order to help create an engaging brand position and direction that would develop the brand beyond the logo. From planning ongoing production internationally, to using live audience insights that inform product design, naming and campaign ideation. Our teams have taken a thoughtful, and all-encompassing approach that considers the brand across all available touch-points to drive and define future success. Through understanding consumer behaviours surrounding home curation and tracing the ever evolving notion of the home, we have built a future-proof brand foundation that positions Hommey as the brand to complement, curate, and tell a story through the art of the home.

By helping to set the brand direction, we not only managed production and content direction for a successful brand launch, but we continue to work with teams from Australia and Europe to execute ongoing campaign strategies, content creation and new product narratives. Grounded in our brand identity while still building and adapting with the evolution of the brand, we help Hommey target global audiences as a truly relevant direct to consumer brand that never ceases to grow and refine its strategic position.  



Creative direction and content sprint

2 weeks


Content themes and narrative

2 weeks


Creator and collaborator research and outreach



Art direction and pre production

3 weeks


Brand shift

3 weeks


Campaign strategy



Content production and copywriting



I was a little apprehensive working with an agency on the other side of the world and during COVID-19, but the team at Constant are fantastic. They executed our campaigns and continue to do so to an extremely high standard and couldn't be more pleased with the outcomes we've achieved to date.

Justin Kestelman

Founder, Hommey



Brand photography

Nikolaj Møller

Art Direction, Content Strategy


Production management

Constant Copenhagen

Product photography

Client own


Louise Riising

Brand Identity, Website Design, Illustration

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