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Bird Meditation

Over the course of 12 months, we worked closely with the founders to define a meditation experience that would feel relevant and as a natural part of people’s lives.

In the last ten years, meditation as a pursuit for everyday health and wellness has been on the rise with worldwide google searches for ‘guided meditation’ or ‘meditation app’ steadily increasing. There is a huge body of research and evidence showing the health benefits of the practice.

Boutique studios are emerging in urban cities from Los Angeles to London, and gyms have even started to incorporate meditation and mindfulness classes into their schedules. Whilst easy to access apps such as Calm and Headspace have paved the way for meditation digitally, there is still no modern brand that seamlessly and collectively merges on and offline.

Through our research and insights, we discovered that whilst the majority of people and the target audience know that meditation is beneficial for their overall wellbeing, few practiced it due to ‘not knowing where or how to start’ and the unknown. In spite of the awareness of its benefits, there was still a perceived hurdle to adopt the habit into a daily or regular routine.

As such, we knew there was an opportunity to demystify meditation and make it accessible for the modern user. Our approach to this was to use modern design to simplify what meditation is.

We went beyond creating a brand, instead designing a movement and culture from the ground up; an offering that would make meditation as simple and normal as grabbing a coffee or booking in for a gym class in order to allow people to incorporate the practice into their daily routine.




Business interviews & Research

6 weeks


Brand strategy

4 weeks


Service experience design

4 weeks


Brand identity design

2 weeks


Art direction

1 week


Photography and design production

3 weeks


The project was much more than the cosmetic development of the brand, our research went deep into understanding meditation culture in order to allow us to have logic and reason behind every touchpoint for the brand to ensure relevancy for modern consumers.

Tim Ho

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer



Campaign Photography

Amanda Kho

Set design

Kate Jones

Hair stylist

Kenki Ryu

Make up

Elamas Yau


Amanda Kho, Kate Jones


Anusha Sugunasabesan, Camilla Holmgren, John Lee

Studio imagery

Client's own


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