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GAO Dumpling Bar

GAO represents an ambitious project to make authentic, sustainable dumplings accessible to as many people as possible – in Copenhagen and beyond.

Launched in the summer of 2016, GAO now operates two outlets with plans for further expansion in the near future. But from the very beginning, there was a desire to see GAO as much more than simply dumplings. 


Researching the trends on the global food scene, we developed a strategy around “dumplings as a platform” allowing us to take advantage of prevailing movements and future trends.

What does that mean?

Dumplings make up the perfect platform to unite East and West in a single product, using old techniques and local ingredients; it presents opportunities to unite vegans and meat eaters in the same restaurant experience and expanding into modern meat alternatives without altering the product; it represents a platform that can be expanded into all urban environments around the world using a central production idea. 

As such GAO is an ambitious business venture, not a restaurant. It can take many forms centered around dumplings as a platform. We continue to consult on everything from business development to future expansion of the GAO brand. 




Market Audit & Sizing

4 weeks


Business Model Canvas

2 weeks


Value proposition deep-dive

2 weeks


Location and hiring strategy

6 weeks


Brand and interior design

6 weeks


Business development and management



From a business perspective, we wanted to position dumplings as a platform that can evolve without loosing the authenticity; a platform that can unite different cultures and house emerging food trends along side traditional craft. To us the idea was bigger than a single restaurant.

Tem Hansen

Strategy Director

GAO in Blågårdsgade, the first and original location. The neon sign was handcrafted in Hong Kong and carefully shipped to Copenhagen.

The second location, a 40 sqm shop that is embedded in the neighbourhood. Always open, always vibrant.


Interior Design

Aurelien Barbry


Santiago De La Vega



Brand shift