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Steelcase is the leading B2B office furniture provider globally. Whilst their projects and clients are plenty and prestigious, they were falling short on how to tell their story across APAC.

The speed at which the Chinese workforce has evolved over the past two decades has meant that it has been a constant challenge for global teams headquartered out of the US and Europe to understand the market needs, and also produce relevant assets and content in a timely manner. On top of this, as a leader in the industry, the quality of work and content produced for Steelcase has to meet their high and global standards set out by the US brand team.


Over the past three years, we have worked closely the Steelcase APAC team to make a case for them to take ownership and responsibility for the region, ensuring that the global team trust the production output. 

We worked to build a new direction across APAC, creating an editorial content approach with local relevance from campaigns, to case studies, to product launches. 

With China being a booming market for office transformation, the opportunities for Steelcase are endless providing they tell the right stories to the right people.




Brand audit

2 weeks


Opportunity mapping

3 weeks


Strategy and roadmap

4 weeks


Product and content launches



For Steelcase we needed to strike a balance between local insight and an international look that would live up to the brand. We decided to bring in Directors from Copenhagen to create a unique and interesting contrast in an otherwise repetitive corporate genre.

Tem Hansen

Strategy Director



Case study film for Lenovo in Shanghai. We brought in Copenhagen based Director Anders Bundgaard to give a unique perspective on the otherwise corporate genre.

We designed the brand language of Diversal, the first collection of products designed by and for the APAC region.


Anders Bundgaard

Film Director

Nikolaj Møller


Amanda Kho



Product renderings


AVE Concepts

New venture design