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We redeveloped Nodi’s positioning and reimagined its visual identity in preparation for future expansions in a crowded coffee space.

Nodi, an 8-year-old coffee parlor in Hong Kong, wanted to take the business to the next level. With plans for more store openings and China expansions in the pipeline, there was a need to amplify what the Nodi brand stands for — “coffee connects people”, and bring forward this identity to an audience that is served with an abundance of coffee choices.

Having been in the coffee space for almost a decade, and with niche cafés and big established chains consistently offering newness in Hong Kong, Nodi, too, tried to tackle staleness by creating different experiences across their locations, especially by creating a platform that supports emerging local creators.

After understanding the founder’s story and his purpose, we have realized that the Nodi brand is more than just coffee shops, but rather a platform that brings Hong Kong together, especially people who share a similar passion for creating new things and playing a part in moving culture forward.

Unlike building a new venture, a brand refresh poses the challenge of broadening its pool of audience while not losing the existing customer base, lifting the brand identity without straying too far from its existing shop fronts. There are endless design opportunities in building a new coffee brand, but with Nodi, we have taken an approach that retains who they already are but sharpens up the visual identity to create a timeless, future-proof brand that is recognizable yet reliable, established yet approachable, distinctive yet versatile.



Brand Audit & Workshop

1 week


Positioning and Strategy Development

2 weeks


Creative and Design Direction`

2 weeks


Brand Identity Creation

2 weeks



3 weeks


I always wanted to try something new at each shop, and maybe that’s why things started to feel inconsistent.


Founder, Nodi Coffee

We’ve got to give it (the brand) a reason to be here in an extremely oversaturated marketplace.

Mich Lai

Senior Strategist, Constant

NODI is the blank space for people with shared values to create something inspiring together. We are a canvas for connecting the dots, creating an ever-expanding web of community – knots that resemble the city and beyond. NODI is the place you go to, when you need that spark of joy in your day, a space to feel at ease, when you’re craving an atmosphere that inspires – somewhere that encourages you to dream a little bigger.

With this positioning, the simple notebook-esque grid system offers possibilities for play and exploration — taking notes while on a call at the café, or letting your kids go wild doodling on the tray paper. The color system was intentionally built around the tasting notes of coffee, adding pops of colors to their product offerings to shift Nodi back to the forefront in their retail spaces.



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