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mindish aims to shift the perception of therapy from ‘mental illness’ to everyday ‘mental wellness’ with a bold and modern community driven members club.

Although the wellness industry in the last 10 years has grown hugely, and it’s not uncommon for people to go on meditation or yoga retreats, the notion of seeing a therapist or counsellor is still loaded with social stigma and misplaced prejudice. The practice feels like the final hurdle to overcome in a decade long journey for the wellness industry.

Driven by their personal experience, our client wanted to create a mental health and therapy offering that challenged the status quo. They experienced first-hand the benefits of therapy, but also how cold, clinical and isolated the in-person experience is. Whilst there have been advances with online therapy and mental health offerings – especially during the pandemic – they saw an opportunity to create a physical experience that was relevant for modern professionals. With many people in some form of lock down, working from home, or away from family and loved ones, the need for people to feel a sense of belonging and human connection is more crucial than ever.

In order to understand how far we could position the brand, whilst still ensuring that we were clear with the offering, we conducted a series of in-depth interviews with people who either had experience of therapy, or people who were open to the idea of therapy but hadn’t yet tried it.

What the interviews revealed was that whilst people felt positive about therapy helping to improve overall mental wellbeing, there was still a daunting hurdle when people tried to find the right therapist and offering, and the journey itself being extremely isolating and lonely. Given the nature of one-on-one therapy, it was difficult to openly share and discuss the experience with others. The interviews also revealed a clear opportunity for a physcial space that was more in line with their interests and lifestyles. A space with considered design that people would want to relax in before and after their sessions, rather than leave the therapists office and immediately go back to the ‘real world’.

Our approach was a community first positioning; to create an offering that celebrated the shared value of those committed to doing the work together to amplify the healing potential of human connection, so that no one ever had to feel alone on their journey. The antithesis to isolation, mindish seeks to combat the loneliness of our times, creating a world where individuals can learn and grow together amidst the encouraging support of a like-minded community.



Interviews & Research

3 weeks


Brand Strategy

3 weeks


Brand Identity Design

4 weeks


Website Design

6 weeks


Website Development

8 weeks


When we were first approached about the project, the idea was to create a clinic called "Mind-ish Labs". However, following our research, insights and discovery of the opportunity space, it became clear to us that we needed to also revise the name from something not so sure of itself and feeling quite clinical, to a name that could almost act as a verb and act in itself. A term that a community to use as a way to express 'doing the work', and so "mindish" became the name for the concept.

Jen Barry

General Manager

Our creative direction was led by the idea of ripples in water. We wanted to show how an initial act or disturbance moves outward, growing with effect. Something that seems insignificant can have a lasting impact on a state and also impact others too. This was our guiding direction to show the community aspect of the brand in the visual strategy.

Andrew Lee

Senior Visual Designer




Chico Preta

Website development



Amanda Kho

Interior Design

Ruai Interiors

Brand stationery

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