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We took an editorial approach for a wine distributor to build an authentic community in Australia.

The wine distribution market blew up during the pandemic. With bars and restaurants closed, people flocked to online to buy their weekly bottles during lockdown. Whilst bigger online brands saw uptake in sign ups over the past 2 years, there have been niche players coming to the forefront, notably Apartmento’s The Natural Wine Company across Europe.
On the other side of the world, Australia has predominantly focussed on bottle shops – platforms that focus on discover to local and international wines, and access to them at affordable pricing and door delivery.
However, these are value-based decisions, that people make mainly for convenience, especially during the pandemic. As a brand that was starting as lockdown was ending in Australia, we knew that we needed to offer something more than simply bottles.

We saw the opportunity to position Grapeful as a wine distributor focussed on lifestyles and community, an area that was relatively uncrowded in the market.
Our team aimed to create a wine subscription brand that’s curated for modern creative professionals in Australia, a community for both one-time users and subscribers alike. With a content strategy rooted in product showcase, art and community building to position the brand as a digital curator of exceptional wines and next generation creators.




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Venture position building

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Brand design exploration

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Strategy development

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When we started working with Grapeful, they had a great logotype designed for them, but we wanted to maximise the brand universe with different colours, textures, and illustrations to reflect the varied creative community in Australia. We needed something with flexibility to also reflect the changing stock and scenarios that people drink and enjoy wine - everyone has different tastes.

Andrew Lee

Senior Designer, Constant

Emerging into a bustling booze industry post COVID-19 posed as Grapeful’s biggest challenge, but the team at Constant have made this journey so far something of ease and excitement. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of work in our content and throughout our campaigns, proving to be the promising team to help us grow.

Baxter Pickard

Founder of Grapeful

Monthly zine in collaboration with local artists. From illustrators, to painters, to photographers - our team are building a network and community of creators, and engaging with them to be featured in the monthly brand zine as part of the Good Grapes Club.


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Constant team


Ellie Suh @ Constant

Logotype design

Sam Merrigan