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We helped to define a business, from product research, strategy and design through to creating a unique brand positioning and identity for a home textile company in a competitive market.

The loungewear and home textile industry has rocked in recent years, and with the pandemic of the past 24 months forcing us to spend more time than ever at home demand has driven hundreds of new brands in sleep and loungewear, home soft furnishings and bed linens. What started as home essentials are now the latest must-haves and fashion items with premium price points to match. 

Home textiles have evolved. What was once enough to simply be soft to touch and comfortable now needs to keep up with the demand and strain of daily life. As our homes have moved from a place to rest to where we now entertain, work, play, live, and relax on repeat – our home wardrobes need to work harder than ever. 


After extensive research into the category and opportunity, we saw an opportunity to create a home textile brand that celebrated the joy of being alone. Whilst most brands in the space will focus on slow living and wellness we saw a position for the brand to bring more energy and playfulness to the category. 

With a product mix designed to be felt against naked skin, we took our design inspiration from this. The grid system of the brand is based on pixelated images of naked skin and the body that gives a cheeky hint of what is truly there. 



Market sizing & research

2 weeks


Venture position building

6 weeks


Product mix research & strategy

3 weeks


Concept Testing

3 weeks


Brand Strategy

3 weeks


Brand Identity Design

4 weeks


Packaging & Prototyping

8 weeks


Content Strategy & Direction

3 weeks


Pre Production Planning

3 weeks


Website Design

3 weeks


This project came about when an experienced textile manufacturer wanted to utilise their existing production infrastructure to create their very own global consumer brand. Working closely with them from zero to launch we were able to marry our expertise with theirs to create their first owned venture.

Tim Ho

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

A lot of brands in the loungewear or home textile space look like wellness brands. Intimate and softer photography direction, colour palettes that are often quite earthy. But the reality is, when we're at home and naked, it's the most real and raw version of ourselves. With this we felt we can push the brand direction to be bold and daring.

Andrew Lee

Senior Visual Designer


Website development


Brand photography

Charlie Hawks

On location producer

Cora Mitchell

Campaign models

Juliette D'udekem D'acoz, Shanali Martin, Mitch Lawless

Product photography

Simon J Nicol

Product photography models

Candice Lui, Dmitrii B

Product photography make up

Onki Lau

Product photography hair