New Traditions
Constant was asked to create the identity and visual campaign for Yat Fu Lane, a new commercial space located in a sleepy neighbourhood of Hong Kong. As a contemporary lifestyle destination, we developed a bold brand that integrates seamlessly with the local community whilst announcing a unique retail experience.
Visual identity, photography direction, website design and development, collateral design



The site is located in Shek Tong Tsui, an area that has been evolving for centuries but was only recently connected to the city’s MTR network. The challenge was to inject modernity into a community with a long and diverse history. In order to create an identity that respected heritage as much as introducing change, we immersed ourselves into the local stories and customs as our starting point of inspiration.


The overarching concept for the brand was the idea of revitalising something that already existed, much like the development itself. The renovated building of Yat Fu Lane would feature expansive windows with a central staircase, creating an open unified entrance. Playing with these elements, the logo is made up of a the Chinese and English name crafted into a stacked geometrical block.

For the campaign imagery, we captured the neighbourhood stories through photography of found objects, but with a twist. Each object was partially coated in paint to visibly convey the idea of renewal. We created the brand’s colour palette by taking inspiration from the multitude of tones seen around Shek Tong Tsui.


As part of the launch, the campaign imagery was plastered on wall spaces around the city, attracting curiosity from both visitors and residents alike. Upon further exploration on the brand’s website and brochure, they would discover customised content that highlighted the growing creative community of lifestyle-focused businesses in the Shek Tong Tsui neighbourhood.

The Yat Fu Lane brand stands apart from the typical Hong Kong property by showing that it’s possible to create something fresh whilst staying true to heritage.

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