Urban Noise
To launch the Urban Noise collection for New Balance, we went to Tokyo, the city that defines street style in Asia. Through 3 visual lifestyle portraits, we demonstrate the urban inspiration for the collection and develop a variety of content for use across web, media partners and the brand's social channels.
New Balance
Strategy, art direction, content, artist management


The urban noise collection was inspired by the vibrancy found in urban communities; where people use the city’s ressources to define their own creative output. So we casted 3 personalities from different areas of urban creativity to front the campaign: Jazzy Sport, a record label, Will Goodan, art director and Koutaro Ooyama, a street artist. Together the portraits tell a story of authentic “urban noise”.

Designed to blend in. Worn to stand out.

Global content hub

A global Tumblr site was created to serve as a hub for this and upcoming campaigns, bringing together more than 9 markets in Asia Pacific and globally.

Content toolkit

Content was distributed through a “toolkit”, ensuring all markets communicated in the same tone. Some content was even adapted by global and distributed to Europe and South America.

Content partnership

We formed a content partnership with Hypebeast and other regional media channels to maximise the exposure of the content and the collection.

Urban Noise is part of our continuous effort to connect New Balance with creators around the APAC region. All content is shared across the APAC region for countries to adapt and share on their website and social media. See more stories here.


Photography: Laurent Segretier

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