We developed the brand strategy and visual identity for Steelcase’s new, dynamic workplace system designed for the evolving Asian workforce. A flexible and customisable desk that enhances collaboration and efficiency. 


Asia Pacific is experiencing rapid growth and transformation like never before. Previously known for production, manufacturing and tech support, the region is increasingly leading in innovation. As the landscape continues to evolve, organisations are looking for solutions that will enhance collaboration and innovation in the workspace. To address the changes, and for the first time, the Steelcase Asia Pacific team leveraged on insights from modern users to develop a new product line which required a unique and distinctive brand to communicate the product and its properties.


Working closely with the leadership team and designers for Steelcase Asia Pacific, we uncovered a unique proposition for the Diversal range with a focus on the flexibility of the design. The system allows for companies of any size, to customise the figurations and scale up or down dependent on their business needs. With the key target audience profile being innovation driven professionals, we created a brand identity that was energetic and modern, with a visual system that could also be open and dynamic to align with the flexibility of the product.


In order to translate the product features and positioning into a relevant and aligned brand identity, through to the launch and communication materials, it was critical to work closely and collaboratively with the Steelcase team.

“The creative work required for innovation to happen requires very different behaviors than those of process or task-based work that has traditionally happened in Asia.”

Elise Valoe

Global Research Manager  |  Steelcase


Ensuring that design of the Diversal brand still sat within the overall Steelcase brand family, we created a visual identity with refreshed shapes, graphics, colours and a custom typeface for numbers.

Pattern Creation

We worked closely with the product design team to understand the flexibility of the collection, and the various possible settings of the system. With this knowledge, we then translated key configurations into a graphical pattern to be used on printed and digital platforms.


Photography – Amanda Kho

Set design – Kate Jones

Video director – Richard Nyhoff

Animations – Akira Mimasu

Talent – Anusha Sugunasabesan, Gigi Tang, Mathew Lee

Location – Constant Hong Kong

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