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Hong Kong’s premium beauty destination needed a new face, one that would resonate with a younger and increasingly more international demographic, the much-debated gen-Y generation. Starting from the core business offering, we defined a strategy that positions Facesss as a support in expressing your best self – a proposition that is brought to life in a vibrant identity and a plethora of executions across all touchpoints.
Lab Concept
Strategy, visual identity, packaging, exhibition design


Offering a wide selection of beauty brands, the Facesss experience is not forcing a particular style or look on its consumers. Instead, it allows anyone to discover their best self. As such it quickly became clear that Facesss had a role to play in helping consumers define and express themselves – something that sits well with the millennial audience.
Our communication strategy presents Facesss as the backstage to your normal life; a place where you can go to recharge, be pampered and guided to find the more confident you.

Visual identity

Rather than starting completely from scratch, we decided to keep Facesss’ most definable brand asset – the dotted logo. Expanding on the idea of geometric shapes, we developed a series of patterns that would allow us to create an agile identity with unlimited potential. Paired with bold typography, a direct voice and a colorpalette that mimics natural skin color, the identity became a base for expressive and creative executions across all touchpoints.


Working closely with the Facesss team, we assisted in a phased launch of the new retail store. In 3 stages leading to the grand opening, we designed and executed more than 40 brand assets starting from CI items through to retail wayfinding, LED signs, mobile app UI and social content.

Constant continues to work with Facesss after launch, bringing the new identity to life in ways that are exciting and relevant to the new consumer.

See a more elaborate view on the Facesss mobile app here.


All artwork done in-house by Constant.
Interior design partner:Barbry_Studio

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