Queen Central
We helped Angelo Gordon create a brand experience that propelled the value of their new property uniquely located in the heart of Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan district. With the ambition to create a true landmark in the budding area, we conceived a classic, premium brand that would set the property on par with the seemingly more prestigious buildings of the Central district.
Angelo Gordon
Strategy, concept, art direction, design

Creating a landmark.

Queens Road Central 338, a building with a prime location but undervalued in price due to positioning and previous use cases. Tasked with rethinking the brand experience, we needed to both consider the vibrancy currently surrounding the property, but also communicate the unleashed, future potential of the location.

Located right on the corner of two high-density cross streets, the building is visible and a meeting point in the area. After initial research we decided to take the route of creating a true landmark – a status no other building had achieved in the area. From the name right through to the visual design, we created an experience that lifts the building above the cool, but “up-and-coming” reputation of the Sheung Wan area and makes it as attractive as any building in the Central district.

Timeless yet forward looking.

From the style of photography, typography and all the way to signages there’s a feeling of something very classic about Queen Central. A place that represents the history of the Sheung Wan district but also looks forward as the area slowly becomes a more respected and attractive location.

All executions are kept in colors and materials that execute a premium feeling, clearly differentiating it from the bustling and artsy reputation the area is known for.

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