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Constant helps Nikon Asia connect with photographers globally and deliver aspirational content to their Learn & Explore section, across web, mobile and the full social media ecosystem.
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The shift towards lighter, yet high performing bodies, and the emergence of mobile services like Instagram and Vsco, has introduced a new type of “casual” photographer on the market.

While Nikon already had a strong relationship with the “professional” photographers, we needed to develop a content strategy that could engage this new generation of aspirational storytellers.


Every month, we connect with new photographers globally and work with them to deliver both original content and repurpose their existing work in a new way. We focus on underground or emerging photographers, and everyone with a story to tell.

Our stories are not about the technical aspect of photography, but about the unique and personal ways in which our photographers use Nikon’s cameras.

Global research, regional distribution

From Paris to Tokyo and Myanmar to Dubai – we research the market globally to find stories that can inspire. The content is delivered in full format for and chopped into bitesized stories for all of Nikon’s social media channels in the region.

Ubanite Games

A myriad of emotions, visuals, sound and design stem from the urban street culture of Paris: the city lends itself as a playground for boarders to flip, spin and grind. Being an avid boarder himself, Neels Castillon felt utterly uninspired with the stereotypical skate videos online.

Black & White Tokyo

Although Tatsuo Suzuki has lived in Japan his whole life, most of it in Tokyo, there is this bursting urge to better understand the people around him. Struggling to feed into his desires in a particularly reserved culture, he found black and white photography to be his solution.


Photography: Christian Åslund, Tatsuo Suzuki, Neels Castillon, Tomas Januska

Now almost two years into the collaboration with Nikon, we continue to look for more unique storytellers every month. Visit Nikon Asia to browse more stories.

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