White Instinct
To launch the White Instinct collection for New Balance, we initiated a creative workshop orchestrated by all-white ambassador Ivania Carpio. Working with creatives from other geographies and disciplines, they explored the very construct of the shoe and developed an installation to reflect the endless possibilities of white.
New Balance
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Inspired by the urban nature of the shoe, the workshop focused on bringing together city materials that would create a diverse yet cohesive visual expression in an all-white setting. Orchestrated by Amsterdam-based product developer Ivania Carpio, the group included Beijing architect Zong Shu Kun, Gabriella Zavatti, one part of the fashion blog Duality and French visual artist Charles Munka.

Each talent brought elements from their own city and other materials were discovered in the streets of Hong Kong, the final piece being a comment on the shoe and a reflection of how Ivania experienced the expressive city as an outsider.

“When I first landed in Hong Kong, I was immediately amazed by all the different layers and textures of the city. Patches on the building facades, splashes of concrete on the streets, dilapidated paint that has been reapplied several times.

– Ivania Carpio (@love_aesthetics)


Documenting the creative process in 3 chapters, “the hunt”, “the build” and the “the piece”, the workshop became as much an offline event as an opportunity to develop engaging content for all part of the New Balance ecosystem.
We created a series of lifestyle images that were highlighted on VSCO’s featured journals, the full campaign video was activated in global lifestyle blogs like Obscura and Hypebeast – and series of product centric images from the installation piece was used across Instagram and Tumblr.


Talents: Ivania Carpio, Gabriella Zavatti, Charles Munka, Zong Shu Kun
Photography: Laurent Segretier

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