To celebrate the release of the new 580 Solarized Pack, we travelled with visual artist Patrick Martinez to Hong Kong to get to grips with the roots of neon sign-making. A narrative full of emotion and education, delivered globally, with consistent storytelling across all touch points.
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The Solarized collection is an innovative take on a classic running shoe; a piece of heritage updated with new inspiration. In the campaign we draw the same parallel as we pair up Patrick Martinez, an LA-based contemporary artist, with Mr. Lau, a legend of the iconic craft of neon sign making. Although separated by geography and age, they share the same form language, and the innovation of Patrick’s work ensures the legacy of neon craft lives on in modern times.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s in Mandarin, English or Cantonese…
It’s a feeling first. We are speaking to each other visually.”

– Patrick Martinez


The story sets off in LA where we are introduced to Patrick’s inspiration on the streets of LA: Whittier Boulevard with numerous pawn shops and bars neon signs are at the root of his art. We journey with Patrick as he gets on a plane to Hong Kong, where he’s instantly immersed in a culture that feels distant yet so familiar to him. His meeting with Mr. Lau, both inspiring and emotional, is a lesson in heritage and connection through the global language of art.


To deliver a story that bridges geographies and generations, we gathered an agile team with true understanding of the background and cultural implications – both from LA and Hong Kong.
The end result is an honest integrated campaign, delivered seamlessly across print, video, social content and in-store displays.


Director: Tom Gould
Photographer: Laurent Segretier

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