Thoughtful touch
Tasked with bringing out the rich history of the Johnny Walker brand at retail touchpoints, we created an interactive digital installation that allowed consumers to explore and experience everything from flavour notes to heritage using the touch of their fingers.
Moet Hennessy Diageo
Concept, art direction, design, production

Bringing storytelling to retail.

As companies are constantly fighting for mindshare, leaving an impression that lasts amongst today’s attention deficit and tech-driven audiences has become essential to brand longevity.

The Johnny Walker Table is an engaging and responsive in-store installation that focuses brand experience over traditional forms of advertising. By displaying contextual visuals and media about whisky, the table adds dimension and depth to Jonny Walker’s consumer-product relationship.

Bring the bottle.

Showcasing the brand through a traditional distribution channel like retail, the project was an opportunity to explore the mechanics of user-centric design and an interactive customer experience. As the bottle plays a central role in the overall experience – put the bottle on the table and the story begins – the Johnny Walker table bridges the gap between product and heritage in a seamless manner.

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