Growing Up With Ease
The fashion duo behind Little Starters realised it was tough to find affordable and quality kidswear away from the stress of shopping on the high street. So a new business model was born. Constant took on the design of the Little Starters identity and a made-to-fit online shop, that would compliment the brand's vision for a playful Californian vibe.
Little Starters
Brand strategy, visual identity, packaging design, digital design, photography direction


The business model brings to parents a fuss-free subscription site that combines the modern convenience of shopping online, with tailored customer profiling to deliver new outfits periodically as their child grows. Beginning with the idea that every baby is uniquely evolving over time, we explored pre-school hand-drawings which led to a creation of graphic stars to form the basis of the visual identity.


The aim was to have the right balance of appealing to kids as well as the grown-ups. The colour palette reflects this idea through a combination of softer pastels with vibrant coral and royal blue tones, giving it a fun contrasting effect. The typography also pairs a rounded headline and neutral body copy, with a childlike cursive for a touch of play.


The outside of the box was kept simple so that act of unwrapping had a feeling of surprise. Along with the star print graphics, the Little Starters logo was applied across the different brand touch points, from garment labels and wash bag right through to some of the clothing print patterns.

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