Digital Retail
As part of the defining the new brand experience for Facesss, we conceptualised and crafted a unique mobile app that sets the brand at the forefront of retail innovation in Hong Kong.
Lab Concept
Strategy, concept, UX and UI


The new brand vision for Facesss is to hero individualism and the single customer’s need. Naturally, the strategy for the mobile app was to bring as much personalisation into the experience as possible, using technology that would not get in the way.

Tech & Interaction Design

With the objective to merge the physical and digital, the Facesss flagship store has been equipped with Hardware transmitters (Beacons) that use Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) to interface nearby users’ smartphones. With the ability to track and connect when in proximity of a particular beacon, the app will perform various location based actions – like rewarding with coupons or giving personal messages to shoppers.

The App / Outcome

The mobile experience follows Facesss’ vibrant identity that sets the tone for an integrated and complete shopping experience. Committing the core essentials into one package – the outcome is a vibrant iOS & Android application that uses pioneering technology in a pursuit of a personalised shopping experience that merges the physical and digital.

See full Facesss branding case here.


Development: Cherrypicks

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