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Akmon rides the next generation of urban trends and eco-smart to combat pollution. Constant has given form to Akmon's identity and its pollution mask for everyday people.
Strategy, identity, packaging design


While pollution unavoidably bleaches the cityscape; health conscious global citizens are looking for solutions of defending themselves with no compromise to fashion and lifestyle, a demand Akmon wants to meet with their colorful range of high efficiency, reusable and stylish masks.

This underlying truth with the beginnings of Akmon gave us the clean slate to create a brand story on the idea of renewing the relationship between people and their urban landscapes.

Circular shapes guided by perpendicular lines creates a natural form with an obscure sense of openness being on the roads gives.

A simple color scheme reminds us of the four different aspects of nature and direction.

Mesh elements inspired by air particles being implemented consistently across branded touchpoints.


Akmons responsive E-commerce platform conveys the clean and technical look of the brand through the emphasizing of the monospaced font and making good use of white space.

Subscription model

The filter inside the mask is actively working to filter out pollutants and its lifespan depends on the environment, regularly requiring replacements at different rates. The Ecommerce platform cope with this factor by offering subscription plans based on usage; allowing for a efficient and cost effective way of receiving your monthly refills.

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