Bird Meditation

Designing the world’s most

ambitious meditation brand.


Business interviews & research

6 weeks

Brand strategy

4 weeks

Service experience direction

2 weeks

Brand identity design

4 weeks

Art direction

1 week

Photography & design production

3 weeks


From boutique studios to digital apps like Calm and Headspace, the proliferation of mindfulness and mediation in recent years has had a heavy influence not only on the wellness industry but many people around the world. Underpinned by extensive research evidencing the benefits of mediation, people are eager to incorporate it into their daily habits. However, while new experiences, both digital and offline have been created, there is still an absence of a modern brand that seamlessly merges on and offline.


Insights gained through our research indicated that despite higher levels of awareness around the benefits of meditation, far fewer people actually practised it, with many citing ‘not knowing how to start,’ as a barrier.

This highlighted an opportunity for us to demystify meditation in order to make it accessible to the modern user. Driving our approach through design, we wanted to simplify meditation as a whole, thinking about how users might interact with the brand online, move through the physical space and engage in the sessions.

Ultimately we went beyond the brand to design a movement and culture, creating an offering that would make mediation as simple as getting a coffee thus enabling more people to benefit through a daily practice.

Process: Defining the brand purpose and direction through intensive research.

Process: Reinventing a new service experience.

Exploration with Aurelien Barbry: Reimagine the “meditation chair”

Brand identity design

The project was much more than the cosmetic development of the brand, we designed a new meditation studio experience and a business that will resonate with the modern consumers in Asia and beyond.

Tim Ho

Creative Director  |  Constant


Photography – Amanda Kho

Set design – Kate Jones

Hair stylist – Keenki Ryu

Make up – Elamas Yau

Talents – Anusha Sugunasabesan, John, Camilla

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