Journey into Natur
The latest collection from AVE is a true tribute to the Nordic landscape.
To support the launch and continue to drive the brand story forward, we developed a new identity and campaign that works as a seamless extension of the raw product inspiration – a portrait of nature’s transformative powers.
AVE Concept
Strategy, concept, art direction, key visual, film, design

It’s all pleasure.

Nature is the perfect source of inspiration for a product of pleasure. Equally powerful, calm and unpredictable, it draws you in with its transformative qualities and puts the ordinary life on hold.

Designed by Aurelien Barbry, the Natur by AVE collection presents itself as a tribute to the Nordic landscape with organic shapes as the form language and sensory sceneries as the backdrop.

Tasked with building an identity that positions the collection at the intersection of lifestyle and pleasure, we developed an intriguing narrative that keeps the viewer guessing: a girl leaving the city behind to get lost in nature, she’s met with memories, feelings and discoveries only allowed when the raw and unpredictable takes hold.

One story. Endless Executions.

For a brand like AVE that is manifesting itself as a serious player in the category, it was important to ensure consistency across all their potential touch points.

A collection brochure brings the beautiful content and the product together in harmony. The film brings perspective beyond the product and opens up to a life on global lifestyle blogs. The packaging takes the story in store, and bite sized content can help tell the story on social media channels.


Concept and Art direction: Constant
Design exploration: Norgram


Production: The Woerks
Still photography: Nikolaj Møller
Film Director: Åsa Riton
DP: Sophia Olsson
1AC: John Frimann Rasmussen
Kamera Assistent: Thea Sloughborg
Gaffer: Morten Boserup
Design & Stylist: Marie Boye
Steadicam: Jonas Torp
Make-up: Ayoe Nissen
Colorist: Lasse Marcussen // Cameo
Edit: Anders Jon
DIT: Jakob Fyledal
Producer: Camilla Agerskov
Executive Producer: Thomas Gram

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