Making sex tasteful
Constant has developed a completely new brand experience in a category that traditionally was linked with taboos and few too many pink hues. AVE brings mood and storytelling into the experience, and delivers a consistent look and feel across all touch points.
AVE Concept
Brand strategy, visual identity, digital design, packaging design, exhibition design


While some brands had done well to push the category forward, the industry for sexual health was still very much dominated by cheesy taglines and strong pink colors. At the same time, “sex toys” was starting to find their way into the mainstream – both in magazines and in films like 50 Shades of Grey.

During our research, we saw an opportunity to create a differentiated brand experience with less focus on the product, but more on the universe around it.

Photography became an important vehicle for bringing
the AVE brand and the SKY range to life.


Building on the idea of “reaching seventh heaven” we developed a storyline about a normal girl and her desires, which was adapted into the brand book, and across all areas of the brand experience.


The packaging takes a cue from the product design to create a clean but iconic look that fits naturally into the brand universe.


The website is built on a grid that allows anyone who visits to engage with the brand universe right from the front page.

Exhibition Design

For the launch of AVE at the biggest trade fair in the industry, our booth stood out from the competitors by keeping a clean and consistent look, and inviting distributors and visitors to enter the universe around a specially designed product bar.

Now after launch, we continue to work with AVE to activate the brand story and make sure the vision we built is carried through in all future communication.


Photography: Laurent Segretier
Packaging/Exhibition: Barbry_Studio

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