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In collaboration with Barbry Studio, Constant designed a new retail language for fast-growing sneaker brand ARKK Copenhagen. Focusing on the sharp lines of the product itself, the language builds naturally on the core identity of the brand and provides a new platform for growth.
ARKK Copenhagen
Concept, graphic design, space design


Only in the market for 14 months, ARKK Copenhagen had seen rapid growth across key markets in Europe. As they were starting to expand into the APAC region and later the US, they needed a clear and precise way to turn their distinct product language into a retail experience.

Starting with their master showroom in central Copenhagen, we developed a language that would suit their immediate need, but also present a vision for future retail partners.

Creating a scalable language

Rather than creating a showroom with fixed structures, we wanted to build it up with modules in different scales that could later be integrated in partner retail environments

A simple black steel frame creates a base for multiple expressions where panels are put in angles inside the frame. The look of each module would change based on the material of the panel and light could be added to emphasise the lines created inside the modules. Each module could be scaled based on the specific requirements.

The graphical base

While working with single modules, we still needed to provide an immersive brand experience in the showroom. To achieve that we decided to emphasise on the strong lines that characterise ARKK’s products and create a geometric base that connected floors and ceiling in different angles.

The perfect angle

To create an interesting effect in the modules, we decided to integrate mirror reflections. Placing the mirror in an angle on the shoe allows the viewer to see it from more than one angle – a natural behaviour of any sneaker shopper.


Design partner: Barbry_Studio

An independent brand consultancy with offices in Hong Kong and Copenhagen. We define and design new products, services and experiences that drive growth for ambitious brands.

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