A Story About Tea
Introducing a stylish and whimsical casual-dining experience to a Macanese casino mall, Constant worked on the branding of Cha Bei starting from the strategy right through to their launch campaign.
Galaxy Macau
Brand strategy, visual identity, packaging, photography direction, hoarding, menu design


The task was to bring a new lifestyle ca concept to the mall, where guests would be able to dine any time in lounge-like settings and replenish after a day of entertainment. With the unique offering of an afternoon tea menu, we worked closely with our client to construct the restaurant’s enveloping story, that led to making the tea play a major role in the dining experience. The teas were specially curated to couple with every mood, flavour profile and well being, and was finally presented in its own separate Tea menu.

Patterns and colours

Patterns and lines create a major part of the brand identity. With the Chinese ancient tea culture in mind, we studied the historical forms and shapes throughout those period of time and rearrange them for an international aesthetics. These shapes includes the old Chinese window frames, tea cups and tea tables.

These patterns were expressed through modern colour combinations on brand accessories as well as interior curation of the place.

Brand application

Following on from this we then created the restaurant’s name Cha Bei, a phonetic spelling of ‘tea cup’ in Chinese, because it combined the best of Macau’s cross cultural identity and would appeal to both local and visiting customers. As tea history has been rooted in China for centuries, the logo mark and icon drew inspiration from antique screen windows which formed a linear grid for Cha Bei’s graphic patterning system.

The patterns, seen across the food and beverage packaging in whimsical colour tones, add a visual pop to the dainty interiors. Additional illustrations come courtesy of the artist Henn Kim, whose single colour surrealist drawings fit the fantastical character of the space.


The campaign photography plays with surrealism and still-life by having anonymous guests posing in imaginary scenarios within the restaurant – such as savouring the ritual of high tea or living a fast paced lifestyle and getting a coffee to go. The poster series and campaign video launched across the casino and on social media sites and Cha Bei has since become an Instagram favourite.


Illustration: Henn Kim
Photography: Simon J Nicol
Food styling: Alice Ngan
Retouching: Kim Ho

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