An idea isn’t worth much when it’s not executed properly. We learned that fast after launching Constant in 2012. Since then our projects have grown in scale and ambition but content has remained at the heart of what we do.

Through assignments and an open mind, we have built a wide network of collaborators globally and found a way to keep complex projects simple and efficient while ensuring a quality up to our standards.

Organically, production has become a crucial offering and now a dedicated team is focused on executing across all our projects – from brand films and photography to animation and artwork development.

Our Approach

Traditionally a production house represents a certain aesthetic or a group of film directors, photographers or animators. While this allows for very strong relationships, the downside can be a less diverse output.
Sitting at the heart of the agency, Constant’s production arm is always aiming to pair the client with the right type of creative mind. We believe that quality is best achieved when creatives work comfortably under their personal style of craft. So, it’s about embracing their existing developed style, rather than getting them to adapt and fit in for the projects or brands.
Our production team studies both up-and-coming and established talents and build relationships from Hong Kong to LA and anywhere in between.

In-house and around the world

We keep an agile approach to production and scale the offering based on each project. With a newly launched in-house studio, we offer fast and dedicated turnarounds on everything from lookbooks to product photography and artwork development.
For larger scale production or international focus, we build agile production teams around the project or team up with other production houses that have a special focus or local knowledge. Our job is to bring everything together and deliver the expected quality no matter the scale.

A Scandinavian touch

With our Copenhagen office we have focused on building a large network of collaborators in the Scandinavian region. The Nordic aesthetic is distinct and sought after around the world and through our production arm we provide access to the best emerging talent. We have made several productions on location in Denmark, but we also bring Scandinavian designers, photographers and directors into branding projects across Asia and beyond. Exchange of talent between regions will often bring a new perspective and the most interesting results.

Film production / New Balance

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Photography / Calvin Klein

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Brochure artwork / Yat Fu Lane

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Internal branding film / Lululemon

Animated Content

Partner produced brand film / Ave

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