Constant Production is a content agency focused on culture creation through engaging film and photography.

Short films for I.T. Hong Kong


Sitting at the heart of the agency, our production arm produces high quality content for both regional and international brands. From still photography to longer form content and brand films, our team is dedicated and experienced in ideation, planning, financing, and distribution. With a strong global network of talent, from directors to photographers, editors to set designers, we collaborate with the appropriate and best talent to help brands engage with their audiences through original storytelling.


With an open mind and a solid production framework, our team studies both up-and-coming and established talent, building and nurturing relationships from Hong Kong to LA and anywhere in between. 


Traditionally a production house will represent a certain aesthetic with a group of film directors, photographers or animators. While this allows for very strong relationships, the downside can be a less diverse output. We break this traditional approach by looking closely into each project’s goals and aesthetics, giving our opinion on the narrative before engaging the best talent for further development and input. Below are some of the recent collaborators we are proud to bring to our projects.

Laurent Segretier

Tom Gould

Olya Oleinic

Nikolaj Møller


Concept development / Art direction / Planning and financing / Cinematography / Photography / Aerial and water / Sound design / Editing / Colour grading / Animation

In-house studio

At our Hong Kong headquarters we run a fully equipped photography studio allowing for quick turnarounds, collaborations and concept testing, all of which are crucial in a fast-paced industry. We have produced both film and photography set shoots on site, managing the complete process. 


With our Copenhagen office we focus on building a large network of creative collaborators in the Scandinavian region. Using this location as our talent hub, we create an exchange of talent between Europe and Asia that often brings a new perspective and the most interesting results.


An independent brand consultancy with offices in Hong Kong and Copenhagen. We define and design new products, services and experiences that drive growth for ambitious brands.

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