Think big, start small, learn fast.

(An entrepreneurial mantra that applies to how we work at Constant.)

Every business problem is different, and so is our approach to solving them.

At Constant, we don’t believe in one single methodology or recipe that can serve all.

In fact, as entrepreneurs ourselves, we approach each brand opportunity with fresh eyes. We help companies build bigger visions, but never forget the practical limitations and goals.

We make things work.

Scenarios of our projects

Business innovation

Working closely with our clients, we conceive and roll out new ventures, products and services globally.

// New Ventures

// Service & Product definition

// From manufacture to consumer brand

Change services

We help traditional brands transform and grow; from local to global, heritage to relevance, static to dynamic.

// Local to global

// Heritage to relevance

// Static to dynamic

Think big,

One of the core purposes of our existence is to offer an outsider’s look at a brand with an unbiased point of view. Based on equal part research and intuition, we inject big visions to solve business problems from the core.

start small,

We know ideas don’t mean much to a business unless they are bringing real value. With our entrepreneurial team spirit, we have a strong sense of business reality and prioritise tasks that will move a brand towards the goal.

learn fast.

With an international and agile structure, our team is designed to thrive in change.  Defined by a strong sense of modern culture, business and design, we work closely with our clients throughout the partnerships and make swift decisions and changes if needed.

Building modern brand properties

Common properties like a piece of land or an apartment are valued based on the location, condition, and much more. We see brands the same way. A brand’s value and desirability is based on varying aspects, and our job is to identify and optimise those through research and insights studies so we can move companies towards positive growth.

Whatever it takes.

Research fuels our way of problem solving.

To make sure we get the right foundational insights, we pride ourselves with a “tool agnostic” research approach. Facing our clients’ business problems, we’ve seen the need to partner with research tools as much as doing field visits and target and stakeholder interviews.

We immerse ourselves in the projects, ask lots of questions and suggest a research framework on a case by case basis. Whatever it takes to get it right.

“For a brand like Eu Yan Sang that prepares for the next phase in our development, we needed a partner that would demonstrate deep understanding of modern lifestyles, but still have respect for our heritage and loyal customers.”

Richie Eu

Managing Director, Eu Yan Seng Hong Kong

An independent brand consultancy with offices in Hong Kong and Copenhagen. We define and design new products, services and experiences that drive growth for ambitious brands.

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