AVE began with a strong desire to set a new standard in the world of luxury sex toys. For too long, the industry was settling for less when bedroom play deserved to be celebrated in delicate style. Bringing together knowledge about the industry and love for great design, we’ve created a brand that tells a softer story on pleasure.

All facets of working within the sex toy industry were new to us, and after all initial bashful feelings dissipated it was clear what direction we were headed. We ran the furthest direction from the benchmark of the industry and uncovered a new language; simplicity to allow imagination to take hold and a brand that truly believes in toys as a spice in lifestyle; not something to shy away from but to celebrate.


In the Constant spirit, we wanted to bring the right team together for the challenge. We teamed up with Copenhagen based designer Aurelien Barbry to help conceive a unique packaging concept that would sit naturally in the SKY universe while delivering the luxury feel we required.
Working side-by-side in our Hong Kong office, we went through numerous concepts, renderings, sketches and ideas before settling for something clean and simple: taking a clue from the product shape, we brought an organic curve into the visual language. This was later extended into the brand book and exhibition design, giving the brand experience a cohesive look and language.

It was equally important to paint the right picture with imagery; we wanted the consumers to instantly get a sense of the emotions felt when experiencing AVE – without being overwhelming.

Rather than focusing on product features, colors and cheesy setups, we wanted to tell a story. With the direction of our longtime collaborator Laurent Segretier, a respected name in fashion, we created a story of a girl who indulges in early morning desires when boredom strikes and temptation arises. Light, playful and relatable; it begins innocently enough, before reaching her apex – or in our brand universe, “Seventh Heaven”.


Subtle close ups and suggestive glimpses allowed us to communicate in a less blatant way, not as to shy away from the topic of sex but to bring back to the intimacy of it all. This is important as AVE plans to target more lifestyle driven publications – most of which otherwise have been out of reach for this category.

The desire to show its product as part of a lifestyle, the narrative was important to put the toy in context. This was crucial in making the toy relatable and strip away taboo.
Stunning images set the tone, but we had to pair the SKY universe with words that reflected the dreamy world that exists around it. With a hint of poetry and the idea of fleeting moments experienced in pleasure, we were able to develop a voice that was short but sweet.

AVE not only stands as a lifestyle brand but one that exudes lasting quality. It is the pinnacle for exploring the best of pleasure in every shape and form. Never crude and always tactful, AVE welcomes both the veterans and novice of self-pleasure.

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