When Instagram video was announced some months back, it didn’t take long before agencies around the world published the typical “what this means for clients” POV. This type of platform knowledge has long been an effective way to lure clients into the “unknown” world of social media.
The same has been the case with social media management – referring to “posting and replying” on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. Clients have trusted this management to agencies of all sizes without asking too many questions.

It’s hard to blame agencies for selling a service that clients want, but at Constant we believe it is time to move things forward. Today most brands are on social media, so a consistent timetable of Facebook updates is no longer a formula for success. Some agencies are convinced that simply buying more Facebook ads will do the job, but unfortunately – everyone is doing that as well.

So how can brands cut through the noise and become relevant?

It is important to realize that great ideas come first, everything else is secondary. For social media, its boundless potential provides an avenue where information can be shared instantaneously across the globe – but the caliber of information being shared matters. Now more than ever.

That’s why we have decided to introduce a setup, which allows us to provide clients with the best the advertising industry has to offer – only specifically designed for social media.


We believe the daily content consumers see should to be prioritized the way a print ad is; carefully thought through and based on good ideas. And with all respect to the social media managers of today, most do not have the skills necessary to develop compelling content in real time – they were never creatives to start with.

At Constant we offer an integrated creative team consisting of an a cultural analyst, a graphic designer and a copywriter – all working together to produce relevant narratives and graphics that take advantage of cultural issues and opportunities as they happen. And this last point is crucial: being able to find ways of introducing the brand narrative in a context that is immediately relevant to the consumer is key.

For us it is really about changing the discourse around social media; it is not just something you manage, it is an avenue for creativity as much as any other channel.