A lot has happened since we set up SALT in 2012, and a lot is scheduled to happen in the coming years. The agency has evolved both in terms of scale and focus, so we felt a need to revisit our identity and make some changes that would put us in a better position to grow – in particular as we are opening our new office in Copenhagen.

So as of today, we are CONSTANT. A new name and a new identity, which includes the launch of this website. Now with a lot more focus on our work, and less on buzzy words.

In our first couple of years, we’ve been lucky to work with both big brands and new exciting startups. Some have turned into really strong partnerships for the future, which is what we believe delivers the best work.
We are happy to finally present our recent work.

But why CONSTANT? The word embodies different meanings that resonate with us when thinking about the future of brand building.

First, constant is about consistency. While new and exciting platforms can (and should) lure brands into new territory, the importance of having a constant becomes even more evident; a brand belief and a defined user experience that doesn’t change regardless of the platform of technology.
Second, the process of building a brand is also constant. While having the right identity is important, brands are now built and activated through a continuous creation of content and engagement with the target audience. Brand building never stops.

So there it is. Our new name and why we chose it.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our developments in the coming year.

And please check in here for news, announcements and a peak into our thought process.