Constant is always on the lookout for photographers to partner with. For us, there is no single right answer and we thrive to create a culture of diversity where brilliant ideas are encouraged, resulting in a solution that has been pushed and moulded to its highest potential. Essentially, craft is at the centre of what we do and that’s what differentiates us.

Through the eyes of Constant’s creative director, Tim Ho, we take you on the journey behind our collaborations.

Olya Oleinic for Odiseo. Constant’s previous collaborator on Calvin Klein art direction and photoshoot.

C.D. – How do you search for photographers?

T.H. – There’s no specific website where we consistently go back to for photographers, but the team is passionate about different art forms and we do share with each other within the group when we see something special. Instagram is a great source, but we also look into magazines, photo books and shows. Location of photographer doesn’t matter for us, it all depends on the requirements of each project and who’s best to work with.


C.D – What are you looking for in a photographer?

T.H. – Depending on the specific requirements for each project, we typically start by looking for photographers who understand the aesthetics we are going after. But a hidden factor that we definitely do not take lightly is how the photographer is as a person. Fun is an element that is important during the process and it heavily affects the outcome of work. An obvious example is, if we need to photograph a specific personality, we need to make sure the photographer can communicate and “be friends with” the subject to create good images.


C.D. – Do you prioritise renowned photographers or young talents, if any?

T.H. – We do like to work with young talents who can bring something new to the table, but we are also huge believers in craft. Photography, like any other art forms, requires practice to open up new visions. So while we appreciate many young talents attempting to create the next wave in photography, we still need to ask ourselves whether the craft is there to match with our assignments.

“Many can take great photos during their own time, but when it comes to an assignment, photographer needs to understand the problems, stress, and how to achieve great images through these hurdles. It’s almost a separate skill-set.”

Laurent Segretier for Puma global campaign. Constant’s previous collaborator on multiple projects.

C.D. – When collaborating on a project, would you rather write out Constant’s guidelines for the photographers to follow or rather let their creativity be?

T.H. – When we bring on a photographer, it is because we believe he/ she can give us something that we can’t achieve without them. So rather than getting photographers to shoot something that’s not natural for their style, we make sure we take best advantage of their uniqueness. Through Constant direction, the photographers would understand exactly where they need to give extra creative input and where they need to answer specific requirements commercially.


C.D. – Do clients sometimes suggest photographers? If yes, what are your thoughts on that?

T.H. – We have had requests from clients regarding photographers, in most cases it’s because of popularity and Instagram followers. As an agency, we dedicate our work hours (and often personal time) to understand how each talent’s craft is relevant to our projects. Followers on social media does not translate into how good a photographer is to work with. So even though we would try to consider working with clients’ suggested talents, we feel it’s also our job to give our best suggestions for the outcome that we aim for.


C.D. – How often do you work with the same photographer?

T.H. – We are always interested to work with first time collaborators, but as mentioned above, chemistry is a very important element in any shoot, so we need to pick smart depending on the logistics of the shoot. Typically when it’s a tight timeline, we tend to stick with someone we’ve worked with to make sure we have the quality we expect.


C.D. – Lastly, you are also a photographer, do you photograph for Constant clients?

T.H. – In most cases, no. We work very closely with photographers, from planning to post-production. It is important to understand their work and its process. Other than a general interest, photography allows me to train my eyes on things and knowing the difficulties during any shoot. I’m a believer in “doing”, only by practicing the craft myself, we can find photographers who are better than me for the assignments.

Cover photo credit: Nikolaj Møller photographs Turkish Oil Wrestlers. Constant’s previous collaborator for AVE Concept global campaign.