We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with LA based contemporary artist Patrick Martinez for an upcoming New Balance campaign which will launch next year.

We invited Patrick to Hong Kong and took the opportunity of having him in town to exhibit some of his recent work in our office.

His show entitled “What’s good my boi” draws inspiration from the artist’s family and friends back in LA.

“They will say: “what’s good my boi” like what have you been up to? What’s the latest and greatest? So it’s a response to that question in visual form. It’s what I’ve been up to in the studio. I will have a small selection of new work on display. Ranging from ceramic sculptures to paintings to photography and neon. I wanted to bring LA to HK. Sort of a cultural exchange of sorts. I’ve been exploring Hong Kong and Its crazy inspiring, so I just wanted to try and return the favour by showing the residents what I’ve been up to with a small showing.”

For his first show outside the US, the artist exhibited a mix of neons, ceramics and mixed media work.

Check out the photos from our friend and long-time collaborator Laurent Segretier below and thanks again to Peroni and Wild Turkey for providing the refreshments!