After only a bit more than 2 years in business, we recently received a nice recognition for our work: On Friday night we received a silver at Hong Kong’s finest Agency of the Year Awards.

The category for “best small agency” fits our profile perfectly as we never set out to build a big ship but one that can move fast and be agile. The fact that the award looks across the full spectra of agency categories – ranging from specialised digital shops through to PR and advertising – makes it an even better win. At Constant we’ve focused on developing a full-service brand building profile, working with both big established brands and new exciting start-ups.

A big thanks to the clients who believed in us and allowed us to explore new territory. In the end that’s what it’s all about.

In normal Constant fashion, we wanted to do it a little different and decided to bring our collaborator Laurent Segretier to snap a photo essay of the night. Who wants those nasty event photos anyway!

Below is our interpretation of a great night – enjoy: