Constant has been a networked and collaborative business since the very beginning. While we operate with a strong core team that ensures the work is delivered according to expectations, we always value expert input from relevant freelancers or partner companies.

This is also reflected in our philosophy: we ensure that strategy and insight drive the solution, not the other way around. We are not trying to force our own design preferences or ideals into a project, but rather find the right perspective in the context of the work.

Collaboration becomes even more important in this way as we seek to find the right partner that specifically fits a challenge – whether it’s an analyst, photographer or designer. The right person for the job.

A diverse working environment fosters great ideas and collaboration. We’ve chosen our studios with this in mind, ensuring they don’t become walled gardens with little connection to contemporary developments.

We’ve got space

In our Hong Kong headquarters, we run a 400 sqm large space with in-house studio.
We’re always looking for curious individuals or like-minded companies to join us.
In Copenhagen, we facilitate a small community called 5D with a group of talented Scandinavian creatives. We work independently and together, depending on the projects.

Get in touch here if you’re looking for space and feel your profile matches ours. We’d be happy to give a tour of the premises and have a chat over a coffee.