As part of our ongoing partnership with New Balance, we recently found ourselves back in Tokyo for a series of street style portraits. The shoot was part of the Washed & Faded launch, where we focused on the contrast between modern city style and heritage; we wanted to capture city crowds in front of old buildings or monuments that meant something to them.

Tokyo was the obvious choice. It has become a regular shooting destination as it’s hard to find more genuine people and authentic style anywhere else in Asia. But also the cityscape itself makes it a great location for any type of shoot:

The streets are always tidy (in comparison to Hong Kong), so it’s much easier to get a clean, stylised shot. Many places and streets are different in appearance and you will find people with different style around each corner. The streets are wide and the low rise buildings ensure enough light in most areas of the city.

Overall it was great to be back in the city again, meeting new people and building connections for the future.

Take a look at some highlights below or visit our VSCO journal for a look behind the scenes.