We recently had the pleasure of working with Calvin Klein on their newly launched performance range. Being a new collection range in the Asia market, our challenge was to find a way to keep the signature clean look of the Calvin Klein brand communications, while still injecting modern aesthetics in an energetic way. The solution was to explore digital art creation and work within a virtual universe inspired by urban playgrounds, remodelled to fit with the collection with colours, textures, and forms.

To achieve this, we collaborated with Amsterdam based photographer Olya Oleinic and London based animation studio Builders Club. We’d been following Olya for a while and we saw the perfect opportunity for collaboration as she was coming to China to prepare a FOAM museum solo show (quite a big deal actually).

Still fresh in the game, Olya has been getting a lot of attention for a new type of aesthetic that challenges much of the repetitive digital photography you see online these days. As we’re always looking for new collaborators and opportunities to bring a fresh perspective to our clients, the fit was good.
The team behind some of the greatest digital artwork for MTV, Adidas, Fendi, and much more, Builders Club London brought an extra dimension to this project with their sense of virtual space and design aesthetic.

Shot in our new in-house studio, it was a collaborative process which involved working closely with the client based on tight guidelines from the preproduction phase and coordination with the overseas offices.