Last year, we collaborated with AVE on the launch of their second collection, “Natur.” We helped them develop a new identity and campaign around sensual inspiration found in nature. Take a look behind the scenes of the production set in the midst of the Scandinavian summer.

Rørvig at the Northern tip of Zealand, Denmark, set the backdrop of the campaign.

Through the lens of photographer Nikolaj Adam and Director Åsa Riton, the campaign captures a young woman on a journey of self discovery who leaves the city to find herself in nature. Shot at a beach house, located just outside Copenhagen, the natural light and sound of the wind and sea serve to highlight the interplay between nature and the young woman’s senses. Every touch, every smell draws her back into her inner self, to a world of memories and emotions.

Our aim was to make a change in the sex toy industry by readjusting the concept of pleasure as a natural instinct. We wanted to stay true to the product’s function but give it a natural place in the environment. The idea was to combine raw product inspiration (Nature) with ideal product promise (Pleasure) in a way that opened up a new universe of storytelling.

Nature is raw, unpredictable, sensual and powerful. A spa is, by design, a space to connect with your senses. A moment of intimate calm and indulgence. We wanted our campaign to capture both worlds, and both audiences.

By beautifying the image of female sexuality, we helped position AVE as a premium brand

The campaign poetically interweaves sexuality with the outside world. By taking the very elements of nature that provide a platform for her self discovery and healing, a universe is created that feels raw yet tranquil at the same time.

See the final campaign here.

BTS photo credit: Pille Riin Vihtre