Our latest campaign for New Balance was also our first shoot in Copenhagen. Supporting the Woods collection launch, a classic running model updated with inspiration from modern hiking trends,  we wanted to tell a story of roots and heritage – one that would complement the story of the shoe.

The concept
There’s a growing tendency among the youth to go back to tradition and concepts of the past. This can be seen in everything from vintage watches and cars, to trends in music and film. In a digital world, it’s a search for something analog and perhaps more meaningful. Something quiet.

This is also seen in the restaurant and drinks culture. From Hong Kong to Copenhagen, there’s more respect for classic venues and the classic dish. We go back to basics. Mingle with our grand parents. But we do so in modern style.

Global execution
The KV captures the meeting between two generations who get together around a traditional meal at a traditional restaurant.
Aimed at a global market, we needed to shoot different scenarios and products that would meet individual market needs. As the appreciation of style varies from one region to the other, we considered different looks while keeping a consistent feel throughout. The result is a campaign that takes its starting point in a local story but with global appeal.

The campaign is now live globally, primarily featured in New Balance stores with a complementary retail setup that takes cues from the KV to create a holistic experience for the consumer.

Behind the scenes
For this campaign we shot with Copenhagen-based photographer Nikolaj Møller. The setting was the iconic restaurant Cafe Sorgenfri, which has existed for more than a century. The woman featured in the image is the owner of the restaurant – real stories are always better.

A few snaps from the day below: