Simplicity at Heart
The pace of city living often leaves little time to worry about what you eat. To brand the launch of a new wholesome lunchbox service, we tailored a concept and identity for a company with a conscious mindset.
Food Folk
Concept, graphic design, space design


As a city that relies heavily on imports, finding quality ingredients in Hong Kong from reliable sources can be a hazard for the average family. The founder Marilyn’s philosophy came from wanting to provide her children with easy access to nutritious meals once they were outside the home environment. The company grew from her kitchen table into a lunch delivery business, supplying office workers with an eating option that is transparent and committed to sharing knowledge about the ingredients used in every dish.


Our strategy was to create a name and brand identity that reflected the company’s promise to simplify healthy eating and educate consumers in an honest yet playful way. We decided on Food Folk to reflect both passion for good food and their approach to creating cooked-at-home recipes. With a need to be direct and easy to apply, the identity’s clean and fuss-free look communicates their approach that puts focus on food first.


After creating the brand’s philosophy that aimed to better the public’s knowledge of where their food comes from, this needed to live through the company as a whole. A typical takeaway meal in Hong Kong is packaged in polystyrene foam boxes with plastic cutlery and bags, all of which gets thrown away afterwards. With this in mind, we looked at how Food Folk’s sustainability goal could extend to their packaging to reduce the amount of waste created. It lead to the simple design of a stamp and sticker system to brand ready-made packaging, all of which is completely compostable.
Constant has helped to create an encouraging voice for the healthy eating arena, giving city dwellers the ability to make better choices without ever needing to be preachy.
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