Graffiti Remix
To launch the Graffiti Remix collection for New Balance, we teamed up with LA-based art collective CYRCLE and told a story of roots and creativity. Centred on a single narrative, we developed the key advertising visual, social content, a website and retail displays in a cohesive expression for a global audience.
New Balance
Strategy, talent management, key visual, social content, web design


The Graffiti Remix launch falls under New Balance’ classic running style; a category that stays true to the heritage of the shoe but reinvents it with new inspiration. To reflect the dedication to “roots”, we wanted to tell a story of how the past often becomes a driving factor in future endeavours, just like it’s the case for New Balance.


We cruise through LA in a vintage Cadillac to discover the places that shaped the story and paved a way for CYRCLE’s success. From the grammar school to the small apartment where they first met or the back alleys they used to paint, the journey has included ups-and-downs, success and failures, but unquestionably influenced their philosophy and creative expression today.


The story of roots became a vehicle for an integrated campaign that was globally relevant through CYRCLE’s widespread recognition and footprint.

Rather than dividing the advertising shoot from digital storytelling, we used the single story to capture it all; one appropriate image from the lifestyle series was “lifted” to hero the campaign while product focused imagery was captured in-situ to create a realistic feel. The result is a campaign that works well in a single visual, but has enough depth to engage audiences on social channels and global lifestyle blogs like Highsnobiety.


Photographer: Laurent Segretier

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